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Adamas Port, Milos - Greece

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About the sailing cruise with thalassitra

Thalassitra is a traditional wooden sailing ship that took a lot of time, love and money to build. The owner, Mr. Lillis, had always a passion with the sea, and since he was a little boy, dreamed of taming the waves of the Aegean Sea! In his pursuit to create a service that everybody would love and appreciate, he decided to provide daily sailing cruises around Milos.

But what exactly does Thalassitra cruises have to offer? The journey starts from Milos port (Adamas) and follows a route around Milos and Polyegos islands. During the trip the ship has several stops to beaches and sea caves that are accessible only by sea. You can take photos, swim and enjoy yourself. The hospitality continues with traditional Greek food that is cooked in front of you, on the ship. Rare delicacies, high quality ingredients and local products will make your palate jump out of happiness.

Discover the beauty of Milos, enjoy the mystic scenery and try local specialties. Make this vacation stand out of the rest with a sailing cruise.

The cruise starts at 9:30 from Adamas port and we pass by all the sea side villages like klima, fourkovouni, arkoudes, vani, kalogries and then Sikia were we make our first stop for breakfast and swimming. Then we set sail to the famous Kleftiko and stay there for swimming about 1 hour. After that we visit provatas, firiplaka and tsigrado for some photos and end up at Gerakas beach for swimming and then a traditional Greek tasteful lunch. We follow the coastal line to palaiochori, spathi and thiorichia for more photos and continue to the island of Poliegos for swimming, coffee and fresh sweets that we just made on board. We continue towards Kimolos island, Polonia and Glaronisia for some photos and our last stop is at Sarakiniko. After that we return to the port around 19:30

There is also an alternative route in case the weather is not ideal. We meet at Adamas port and a charted bus will take you to Palaiochori. Our cruise starts around 10:30 from there. Our first stop for breakfast and swimming is Gerakas and then we sail to Firiplaka, Provatas and Kleftiko. During our stay there we will take you with a small boat to the sea caves and tell you all the pirate stories of the place. We will eat traditional Greek food that was cooked in front of you and will go to Gerakas again for some swimming, coffee and freshly made desserts. We will continue to spathi beach for some fruits and thiorichia for some photos. Around 18:30 we will return to Palaiochori and our charted bus will get you back to Adamas port.


Ship Capacity 46 person
Trip duration 7-8 hours
Stops At least 5
Food Brekafast, Traditional Greek lunch, Coffee, Desserts, Refreshments
Route with Ideal weather Adamas-Klima-Fourkovouni-Arkoudes-Vani-Kalogries-Sikia-Kleftiko-Provatas-Firiplaka-Tsigrado-Gerakas-Palaiochori-Spathi-Thiorichia-Poliegos-Kimolos-Polonia-Glaronissia-Sarakiniko-Adamas
Alternative route if the weather is not ideal Adamas-Palaiochori-Gerakas-Firiplaka-Provatas-Kleftiko-Gerakas-Spathi-Thiorichia-Palaiochori-Adamas